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Shameless Iconing [entries|friends|calendar]
Shameless Iconing

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It's been pretty dead around here. Here are some icons =]] [November 24 2007 04:12PM]


comment, credit, don't hotlink.
So I Told You With A SmileCollapse )

79 icons and 3 banners [August 05 2007 02:02AM]

a random number of icons and two banners.
[ Caroline Trentini, Daiane Conterato, Behati Prinsloo, Freja Beha, Hana Soukopova, Heather Marks, Versace Ads, Lily Donaldson, Snejana Onopaka, Sasha Pivivorova, Valentine Fillol Cordier, Irina Lazarzenu ]

comment, credit, don't hotlink.

MoreCollapse )

[August 01 2007 12:06AM]

+20 Vogue Paris - Hedi's Girls
+11 Dazed and Confused - Indian Summer
+07 Vogue Italia - Natalia Hlicka and Claudia Merikula
=38 Icons

&etcCollapse )

Request. [July 23 2007 04:29PM]

Not really requests, but just tell me who you would like to see icons of.
Any model, i'll search for pictures.
But if you have a certain picture you want made into an icon, post it in a comment

Dear Mod: Hope this is okay, I just need some inspiration.

[July 12 2007 03:35PM]


RANDOM, but could you please join modellims

You're Just Another Picture To BurnCollapse )

[July 05 2007 01:42AM]

30 Icons Random Male Models
-We haven't had many male model posts so i'm not really sure if this is allowed or if anyone likes them, but if you like them please comment. I've been on a male model kick lately =]

TestosteroneCollapse )

50 icons [June 30 2007 03:14PM]


Jeisa C.
Caroline T.
Mona J.
Elise C.
Kim N.
Irina L.
Claudia M.
Hilary R.
Bianca B.
Agyness D.
Tanya D.
Jessica S.
Unknown Male Model.
Female Model Whose Name Escapes Me.

I wanna make a supersonic woman of youCollapse )

HUGE batch [June 27 2007 06:10PM]

models- caroline winberg, suzanne diaz, carmen kass, anna mariya markina, suvi k, sasha p, ann k, tanya d, julia d, lily cole, kemp muhl, lily donaldson, kasia struss, lara stone (banners) catherine mcneil, nadja & elise, coco & hilary, tanya d

40 icons & 6 bannersCollapse )

"Golden Girl" Tanya Dziahileva ph Solve Sundsbo

18 icons & 1 bannerCollapse )

please comment & credit

twenty seven icons and 6 banners. [June 26 2007 12:38AM]


Misc. Male Models
Boyd Holbrook *alot of him, I went overboard.*
Darla Baker
Querelle Jensen
Caroline Trentini
Tanya Dziahileva
++ a couple others
[comment.credit.don't edit. don't hotlink.]

Snap Snap Snap Your Fingers.Collapse )

small batch [June 24 2007 09:02PM]


12 icons & 2 sasha p & lily d bannersCollapse )

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