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Shameless Iconing

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Welcome to shamelessiconin, a community dedicated to fashion icons.

General Rules

In order to comment and post you have to be a member, so please join
Click Here if you'd like to become a maker.
Please comment and credit for any icons you take. If a poster has particular rules they wish for you to follow, adhere to them. We WILL be checking!
It's highly appreciated around here. Forgivable, of course, but only to a certain extent. Commenting makes it easier for us to check for credit! It only takes a few moments, so please, make the effort.
Do not redistribute or alter icons that are not your own. It's quite simple. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned immediately.
NEVER hotlink. It's rude and it costs people money.
That's rarely a problem around here, considering that posting access is limited, but do not comment entries with promotions unless you have been given specific permission.
If you've got a problem with another member, please contact a moderator. No need to create unnecessary tension.

Current Makers
julzdarling lovelustvamp
modelnerd le_brianna
jadro stellarglam
decimatedreams eyeswideopen19
ialmrnt5 callme_gangsta
mayxiv knitpeople
carpediem17 ixmissxyouxx
promenade invicta

If you are an icon maker and wish to gain posting access, please contact either julzdarling or lovelustvamp and fill out an application. We will more than likely add you!